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Foot Care Products

Over the counter products and insurance covered durable medical goods available at our office:


BIOFREEZE BIOFREEZE is an effective over the counter topical analgesic used to treat joint, muscle and tendon pain. It can be applied up to four times a day and can be used for other aches and pains besides those involving the foot and ankle.


Amerigel Amerigel is available as a topical moisturizing cream(the blue tube) or a topical antibacterial(the red tube).


Sof Sole Sof Sole foot inserts are arch supports made of a thin supportive polymer that is appropriate for use in different type and style of shoes.

formula 3

Formula 3 Formula 3 is a topical antifungal for the treatment of fungus nails. Formula 3 is the only topical anti fungal with A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


GordoFilm Gordo Film- An effective medication to treat warts on the hands and feet painlessly.


Heel Cushions Heel Cushions - Good resilient cushions for patients with heel pain.

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