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Hey Dr. Musser my heel(s) hurt first thing in the morning. What's going on?

The likely cause of heel pain during beginning ambulation is likely due to a possible heel spur or bursitis at the attachment of the plantar fascia ligament, which is located on the bottom of the foot in the arch, to the heel bone(calcaneus). This is a very common problem that affects both men and women usually any time after the age of thirty. Conservative treatment modalities such as supportive shoe gear, anti-inflammatory medication, weight reduction, and orthotics(shoe inserts) usually relieve the symptoms. Because summer shoe gear such as sandals/flip flops are not supportive ( see our line of SUPPORTIVE flip flops), flare ups of this condition can occur. So with the autumn days ahead, get your supportive shoe gear out and get on your feet. Your feet/heels will thank you! -Dr. Musser

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