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The Joy of Running

Earlier in 2017, my wife told me about an app called from couch to 5K (C25K). This eight week training program aims to get you in condition to complete a 5K race/event. I decided to download the app and begin training [in April 2017], and on Memorial Day, I finished my first 5K.

This all came about as a result of previous failed attempts to complete the annual Cleveland Turkey Trot that takes place every Thanksgiving. My daughter, Marie, who is a cross country runner, encouraged me to start training earlier so I had enough time to properly condition for the race.

What I enjoy about running, besides the physical benefits, is the convenience of walking out my front door, and, after a 4-5 minute warm up, I’m fulfilling my exercise needs for the day. Another significant benefit is that there are no gym or recreation center costs associated with my workout. Because I don’t need to drive to a facility, I save on gas, as well as wear & tear on my car. Lastly, running allows you to see new and interesting places around you.

In closing, except for the cost of quality running shoes, it's exciting to experience physical conditioning simply by walking out your front door. I'm not against recreation centers, especially because Cleveland weather can make exercising outside treacherous. However, I appreciate the opportunity to have a great workout, simply by walking out my front door.

As we begin 2018 and you are working on your New Year's resolutions, I encourage you all to try a new workout. Please reach out to me for advice on which shoes are best for different exercises, as well as for your individual foot anatomy.

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