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Bunions: When To Treat Surgically

Bunions (a bump on the great toe joint) are when of the most common orthopedic deformities I encounter in my office. Conservative treatment modalities are usually limited to the following: wider shoes, pads, topical analgesics and oral anti-inflammatory medications. If palliative modalities fail, surgical options are considered which vary depending on factors such as the severity of the deformity, radiographic findings, activity and age of the patient. I advised the patient of the pros and cons along with the risks and benefits of the elective procedure. As with any elective procedure the patient should understand completely what is involved and be compliant with post op instructions to reduce the risk for any possible complications ;i.e. infection. With the advances in surgical techniques and orthopedic bone fixations, recurrence of the bunion deformity is unlikely. -Dr. Musser

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